Need-to-know before purchase

Q: How to use HomePress heat press as a beginner?

A: 1. Set temperature and time.

Set the temperature and time you need. Wait for the HomePress to heat up to the target temperature.


  1. Apply gentle pressure.

Place the clothes and vinyl or transfer paper on the heat-resistant mat. Place the HomePress with gentle pressure and press the timer.


  1. Enjoy your own masterpiece!

Once it cools off to room temperature, peel off clear adhesive film from the fabric. That's it!


Please refer to the YouTube video for specific operation: https://youtu.be/lZO-NLV4kHA 


For a beginner, other than our heat press along with the vinyl, heat-resistant mat and safety base included in the package, you’d better have a Teflon ironing sheet, which functions as a protective layer to keep your project from sticking to the heating plate and away from such mess as hot glue, ink, paint, etc. But iron-on project could also be done without it, if you’re experienced enough.


Q: What size is it? And how much does it weigh?

A: The size of the heating plate is 10×12 inches. Its large size is perfect for a variety of transfer work and yet lightweight of only 8 lbs.


Q: Can this be used for ironing?

A: We’re afraid it could not be used as iron as it could not emit water vapor. Please do not experiment it for safety reasons.


Q: Can you run this on 220V?

A: We’re afraid it couldn’t. It only works with a voltage of 110V.


Q: Can I use this heat press to start a small business?

A: We’re afraid that this heat press is for home use only, not suitable for small business. Please do not use it to imprint shirts in bulk.


Troubleshooting methods after purchase

Q: Why is there no +/- sign to adjust temp/time after turned on?

APlease press the TEMP or TIME button for about two secs to start setting the temp or timing. The + / - only shows up when it's in setting mode. Please read all the manual carefully before use. Here is the manual for your reference:

Q: Why does my table become so hot under the safety base?



A: Please put the safety base in working mode, not bowl-shaped safety mode while in use. You must have accidentally put the safety base on bowl-shaped safety mode, which could interfere with the dissipation of heat and result in burning your table.


Need-to-know before purchase
Q: Is it a silk screen printing machine? Does it do multi-color designs or single color only?

A: We’re afraid it’s not a screen printing press, but a heat press. A heat press is a machine engineered to imprint a design or graphic on a substrate, such as a t-shirt, with the application of heat and pressure for a preset period of time.


Q: Can I use it to start a small business?

A: Yes, you can. This heat press is an industrial one designed for making T-shirts in quantity.


Q: how do you center your graphics with this particular press?

A: If you are trying to line up your graphic on a shirt, please fold shirt in half from shoulder to shoulder and do a quick press. This give you a line down the center of the shirt. And them fold your graphic in half by pinching the transfer paper at the top and bottom and this will give you perfect alignment to center. These creases will go away as soon as you press and will not affect your graphic. It may take a minute longer but will give you perfect results.


Q: Do both plates heat up or only the upper one?

A: The heating plate is only the upper plate. The bottom plate is covered with heat resistant mat.


Q: Can you buy the hat, cup, plate attachment to go with this machine?

A: We’re afraid that this heat press is only a T-shirt heat press that couldn’t be used with other attachment.


Q: How do T-shirts pressed with this heat press look after a couple of washes?

A: They're fine after a few washes and the HTV won’t come off. It is not the heat press, but the ink & materials plus technique used that are the contributing factors for the differences in longevity. However, most dark T-shirts fade after a few years of washing if you put your T-shirts in the dryer and sometimes even white due to the use of bleach.


Q: Am I able to use this for canvas tote bags?

A: Yes you can as long as they are flat. Please make sure the zipper is hanging off of one of the sides of the press. It will melt if it is plastic and if its metal it will be extremely hot if pressed.


Troubleshooting methods after purchase

Q: Why can’t I lock the heating plate into place?

A: Please increase the pressure by turning the pressure adjuster knob on top clockwise. It’s suggested that you try it a few more times until you find the optimum pressure.


Q: Why does the heat press make loud noise every time I lift/lock the heating plate?

A: Please understand that the heat press is a bit hard to lift or lock for security reason. If the upper heating plate is not fully locked down, please be careful while lifting it up as it may hurt you accidentally. The huge "click" sound suggests that it's fully locked. Usually it takes a bit more strength to lift/lock the heating plate. However, please do not exert too much strength to lock it down when the pressure is too high as it could bent the handle, which would render the heat press useless.


Q: How to set the temp/time? Why does the display screen show up an error code “LoY” and the temp/time couldn’t be set?

A: To set the temp, please press the "TEMP" button for about one second or shorter,(not too long, otherwise the LoY error code shows up) and then use "up" or "down" arrow to adjust it to the target temp, then press " TEMP" button for about two seconds to save the setting and the screen would show the working temp, which would keep rising indicating the plate is heating up. Please follow the same procedure to set the time. Please read all the manual carefully before use. Here is the manual for your reference: